Thursday, April 24, 2014

Disheveled Need Not Apply

Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ 2 of Swords

Her counterbalance is out of whack, her bow is smashed, her arrows face the self rather than the world. In-justice indeed.

I've been in court before judges in my misspent youth, I've served on juries three or four times, and I spent a miserable six months working for nine ego driven attorneys. Justice is blind, except when money is in the room.

"An unjust law is itself a species of violence. Arrest for its breach is more so." ~ Mahatma Gandhi 1869-1948

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ 4 of Wands

Count Blessings
Send Xavier in first you dummy. He always makes her smile.

"Slowly Anna put up a hand to his muzzle and began to scratch that spot behind the ear where dogs keep their souls." ~ Eva Ibbotson 1925-2010 A Countess Below Stairs

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Who Benefits?

Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ 6 of Coins/Exploitation

When I first drew this card I thought in my ego-ridden way, hummm, no, can't think of any time of being exploited. When in the opposite big view this six is  about how the natural world and many of it citizens have been exploited since time immemorial.

I'm reminded by this card, yes, I'm a part of that. My vehicle, house, furnishings, and the food I eat each day, the power that runs the house are the result of someone or something having been ill treated or overused or even all used up. Sobering and seldom acknowledged.

"The human race cannot forever exist half-exploiters and half-exploited." ~ Henry Ford 1863-1947  My Life and Work

Monday, April 21, 2014

Polar Opposites

Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ Knight of Wands

A wanderer on the edge, smart enough to get by without actually buying into the rules and neediness of society in general.

I'm reminded by this Knight of polar opposites, each thinking the other is lacking, and both missing so much.

"I was a loner as a child. I had an imaginary friend...I didn't bother with him." ~ George Carlin 1937-2008

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring Woodpeckers

Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ King of Wands/Adder

Male snakes entwine in spring rivalry. Woodpeckers peck our roof good morning, ain't I fine. Even our wither goats occasionally give each other a hug this time  of year.

What brought me to my Rob? He is a shaved and combed Clint Eastwood. What else do I need to say?

"Every good girl wants a bad boy who will be good just for her,
Every bad boy wants a good girl who will be bad just for him"

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Choose Your Battles

Daily Draw: Enchanted Tarot ~ 9 of Wands

Ah. Unlike our gentleman of the 10 of Wands our lady of the 9 of Wands has listened to her father.
"keep your shoulder to the wheel"
"keep your eye on the ball"
"don't spend you money all in one place"
"watch your back"...we all know the dadisms.

I'm reminded by this card, as she prepares to set the last two wands, our efforts can become prison-like as the creation,  endeavor, or job must be maintained. It is the maintenance that become the burden. Sometimes it is better to release the older burden, let old efforts die a natural death, and rebuild with a fresh vision.

"I'm not that sort of woman." ~ Alan Bennett 1934-  Soldiering On

Friday, April 18, 2014


Daily Draw: Enchanted Tarot ~ Queen of Coins

Lady of Bounty that I am...well really I'm just out of room...I've finally gotten around to flinging onto Craigslist the things from my friend's estate.

I'm reminded by this card we don't need to be rich to share our bounty, just grateful and willing to look around at what we do have and couple it with what someone else doesn't have. I've met the nicest people this week. One young man's high school friends shifted into high gear and raised the cash in four days to get the motorized wheelchair. I can hardly wait to meet him and see him get volocity going down the driveway! He got the deal of the century and I get some room and joy.

"A bone to the dog is not charity.  Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog." ~ Jack London 1876-1916

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Daily Draw: Enchanted Tarot ~ 10 of Wands

This guy is so busy with his load of whatever he doesn't realize a whole set of new problems have sprung up and are now making a secondary set of shoots. Whew.

I'm reminded by this card you'd think it would be impossible for a thinking living human being to be blindsided by the obvious, but it happens all the time. Happened to me yesterday and I'm still trying to get my jaw off the floor. Life is so interesting, if you look around instead of down.

"Sometimes, she had discovered, you have to walk around the holes in your life, instead of falling into them." ~ Priscilla Cummings Blindsided

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Daily Draw: Enchanted Tarot ~ 5 of Wands

Wind-up toys don't have a brain,
they don't feel pain,
they just keep hitting the wall.

I'm reminded by this card you can't reason with demention. If they do understand by the time you turn around they've forgotten. It isn't mom's fault my key keeps going around and I keep hitting the wall. I sure can't seem to get shut your mouth, save your energy, through my brain. I've tried 'just for this hour'...but I forget. Am I on the slippery slope too?

"It is tedious when someone tells you that if you don't stop crying they will give you something to cry about, because if you are crying then you already have something to cry about, and so there is no reason for them to give you anything additional to cry about, thank you very much." ~ Lemony Snicket The Slippery Slope

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Way Or The Highway

Daily Draw: Enchanted Tarot ~ Knight of Coins

The good son of the soil. Not everyone has the time and funds for a higher education. Not everyone needs it. There are people born to farming and livestock. Experience and common sense has brought him a sense of completion, but also a type of arrogance and narrow mindedness.

I'm reminded by this card we can learn something from everyone we meet, part of the fun side of life.

"Had it not been for you, I should have remained what I was when we first met, a prejudiced, narrow minded being, with contracted sympathies and false knowledge. Wasting my life on obsolete trifles, and utterly insensible to the privilege of living in this wondrous age of change and progress." ~ Benjamin Disraeli 1803-1881