Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Chrysanthemums vs Calla Lilies

Daily Draw: Medieval Scapini Tarot ~ 10 of Swords

I always lean my daily draw against the base of a lamp by my monitor so I can reflect on the message through the day. I've been looking at this 10 of swords for 2 hours trying to get my mind around what message it is giving me. This is the Minor sister card to the Major Death card. It always means the end or death of something in the mundane every day sense. I don't know what is ending, but I am reminded by this card that when one door closes another always opens.

This is an Italian deck and it's interesting they consider chrysanthemums as a funeral flower where I might think of Calla Lilies in that light here in the U.S. The tiny figures at the hilt of each sword are the betrayers of Ceasar. Tarot cards are such wonderful little works of art, one of the many reasons I enjoy using them. The artist here is Luigi Scapini. If you look for this deck get the edition by AGMuller printed in Switzerland. The later edition has muddy blurred images.

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