Thursday, October 11, 2007

Daily Draw: Llewellyn Tarot ~ 7 of Pentacles

In this country we are awaiting the harvest of fall apples and pumpkins. A tree full of red fall apples is a beautiful thing and as a kid a thing I couldn't pass by. Our neighbor (over a mile away-neighborhoods were big in the sticks) had an apple tree perfect for climbing and produced apples that were God's own ambrosia. Oddly enough she wanted all the apples for herself so I had to plan my raids carefully. I never got caught in the tree and those stolen apples were the best apples I've ever eaten. Was it the wait, the hunt, the season, or just my time of life?

What makes any form of wealth valuable to an individual? I've worked out there are three types: Haver/Doer/Maker. For my father-in-law it is the having. Elton John and Bill Gates are Doers, one a shopper, one a giver. For Warren Buffet it is the making. Me, I'm working out a plan for an apple tree down the road that involves sneakers, jeans, and a big t-shirt I can pull up in front to make a basket.

"Good judgment comes from experience, and experience--well, that comes from poor judgment." ~ Cousin Woodman

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