Saturday, October 13, 2007

Daily Draw: Llewellyn Tarot ~ The Moon

One of many meanings of the Moon card is paranoia, not something many adults will admit to feeling. Children, who haven't had time and training to develop the tools they need for survival are often paranoid. It is one of the reasons usually cited in school shootings. It is such a primal part of our make-up I wonder sometimes how public figures stand it; the gutter press with it's horrible crapfacts feeding the gullible pubic who believe everything because 'it was in the paper'...

I'm reminded by this card that it doesn't much matter what other people think of me, that in truth they probably aren't thinking of me at all, it's just my paranoia kicking in.

"Although Scorpio aggressively strives to transform others, it strongly resists any attempts by other people to influence it. Secretive, it does not give any clues about itself; stubborn, it holds onto the most untenable position, paranoid, it attributes problems to other people." ~ Richard Strauss, author

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