Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Daily Draw: New Vision Tarot ~ 4 of Swords

"I'll sleep on it", "Why don't you sleep on it", or "It will come to me in the night". Often when you really try to remember something you can't until you quit thinking about it, or you do wake up in the night with the answer. "Eureka!" we shout without giving thought to the real magic...giving our brain a chance to rest, recoup, and do it's work.

This card reminds me to slow down a bit. In a hundred years no one will know or care if I get the corn picked today, no one will die if I don't work on a manuscript or get that box of butter pats sorted or get that electrical permit work sorted out. Slow down a bit, re-prioritize, let the truly important rise to the top and the chaff sift to the bottom.

Breathe in "I am not all things"
Breathe out "I am enough" ~ Comfort Queen 11/7/2000

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