Monday, October 22, 2007

A mental exercise, What would the Major Arcana figures smell like?

In the older Fools I would think like locker room socks...
The Magician would smell like match sulfur
High Priestess like a bookstore or the thin paper in a bible
Empress would smell like a cat bed after kittens had been born in it
The Emperor like copier ink
Hierophant would smell like burlap and/or whale oil
The lovers like fresh cut grass
The Chariot, new car smell of course
Strength would smell like Gold's Gym
The Hermit would smell like moth balls
Wheel of Fortune like carnival cotton candy/candy floss
Justice like wooden tongue depressors
Hanged Man like hemp (rope)
Death like chicken guts left in the garbage all week
Temperance like Triple Sec
Devil like wet garbage ashes
The Tower would smell like the bowels of an ancient empty stone fortress
Star like a crisp autumn night
Moon like the Anastazi ruins
Sun would smell like sunflower seeds
Judgment would smell metallic
The World, like a barn full of fresh hay

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