Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hang The Consequences

Daily Draw: Royal Fez Moroccan Tarot ~ Fool

The Fool is filled with enthusiasm; in his innocence he believes no harm can befall him... if he has given it any thought at all. Yet his next step will plunge him into the abyss, it's right before him, why can't he see it?

How often have you heard the child's query, "But why can't I do it?". And the response is always "I can do it because I'm a grownup, that's why". But if you think about the action, question, and response, you will see that we quite often do the foolish thing...just because we can. Hang the consequences, that's tomorrow's worry and tomorrow never comes, right? Usually our behavior seems benign, but the long term effects build up over time, sometimes to crisis proportions. Have you ever had an emergency you didn't have the funds to take care of? Who hasn't? Yet most of us have hobbies or habits encompassing many thousands of dollars worth of must haves, gotta haves, wanna haves gotta dos. And none of it is any help in a crisis.

What I'm reminded of by this card is my dear friends Betty and Ruth. Both died of cancer, both continued to shop for fabric and tools until they were too weak to do so, and both were faced with treatments they couldn't afford. Betty's in particular was heartbreaking because the new therapy offered would have cost them out of pocket about $300.00 a month. And they just didn't have it because the cost was ongoing, not a 1 or 2 time things. Yet in Betty's spare room were 1000's upon 1000's of dollars worth of thread, patterns, fabric, yarns, tools, books, built up over years of buying because she could...because she was a grownup. To my personal knowledge Betty never completed a single project. She started a lot of them, but never finished any. And they sure could have used some of that spent money back, it is perfectly conceivable it could have saved her or given her many extra good years of life.

This is in no way a judgment because I've done the same thing over the years. I just mentioned it here recently, that Surprise! Quirk shops when she is grieving. My Visa bill last month had nearly $250.00 in Amazon charges. For decks and books. And I never even gave it a thought while I was doing it, but that is half of my monthly Roth funding. Which didn't get funded last month. So who is the Fool? This post has gotten long winded but it is a subject near and dear to my heart. I don't know many rich people but I know lots of people who alternate between ok and struggling financially. Let's together try to give more thought to the future, and less stepping off precipices on blind faith. Faith may move mountains, but it seldom pays the bills.

"Pleasure is the carrot dangled to lead the ass to market; or the precipice." ~ Robinson Jeffers 1887-1962


  1. Quirky,

    Your post today really, really made me stop and think. I'm so glad you wrote this as it has made me see parts of myself that I need to change.

    I have more yarn and sewing stuff than I will ever use in my lifetime and I still feel the urge to get more. I do the same thing as you when I'm sad and upset - shop online.

    I'm sorry to hear about your friends. It must be so hard to have cancer and not want to face it - to just pretend that all is okay and keep on shopping.


  2. There are none of us perfect...but each day we can start fresh trying to achieve at least some common sense. ((()))


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