Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Light-bulb Idea

Daily Draw: Moon Oracle ~ Adaptability

We have a new idea that ignites our passion. Politics, employment, entrepreneurship, home, whatever the source and target, we are on fire. This card relates to how we proceed with the thought and it recommends being adaptable. I've had light bulb moments that I've kept to myself, molding and refining for years before producing them for public opinion. Other times ideas pop into my head and out of my mouth the same instant.

I'm reminded that either path we choose, there probably has never been a great idea that wasn't bettered by some judicious advice and off-hand opinions from others. Usually others are needed to make the plan work and survive, so we need those thoughts to flesh it out. If I have the best idea in the history of the world and the first five people I talk to about it say "but..." I need to reconsider and retool. It's a blessing to be adaptable, bullheadedness is a disability albeit an invisible one.

"The art of life is constant readjustment" ~ Kakuzo Okakaura 1862-1913

This is the second visit by the team of Caroline Smith and John Astrop to Quirkeries, with this 1st edition Moon Oracle, published by Eddision-Sadd 2000. I used their Runic Tarot back in April and enjoyed the art so much I've aquired two more of their decks. The Moon Oracle has been reissued and is available again, all the better for we card lovers. 72 cards and 128 page book offer a practical introduction to lunar astrology including moon phases, elements, mansions, and goddesses, plus Moon Tables for pinpointing signs and phases.

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  1. I'm so glad to know this has been reissued. I have the Oracle of the Radient Sun and have wanted this one for companion to it. Thanks. :)


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