Monday, September 8, 2008


Daily Draw: Osho Zen Tarot ~ Participation

I've mentioned before that I'm sort of a loner, mostly by choice; I have a lot to do and I like to get it done. One place I have been social is on-line with other quilters, and occasionally on a forum of some other interest like tarot.

I'm reminded by this card of how much information and companionship I've gained since I got my first computer in 1996, including meeting many of those friends in person. If I sign into a group I make it a point to become part of that group, to pull my own weight so to speak. So what's with lurkers? Studies have shown that only about 10%-15% of the members of a list or forum participate. I'm completely baffled by what lurkers get out of such a one-sided relationship. And they announce they are 'coming out of lurkdom' to make a post like they expect everyone to give them a crown or something...I don't get it.

"I feel that there is reason lurking in you somewhere, so we will patiently grope round for it." ~ Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr. 1859-1930


  1. Hi Sharyn,

    I wonder about lurking, too. Sometimes, I think that people do it because they are afraid that what they have to say is not quite good enough or not very interesting. So many people are unsure of themselves.

    Some people might even lurk because they are unsure of their ability to spell and write correctly.

    Sometimes, I think I might comment on the blogs I like to read too often - sort of the opposite of lurkdom - inyourfacedom, or something.

    I have this deck but it sits in it's nice clamshell box unused. It really is visually pretty but somehow I never use it.


  2. InYourFaceDom..Oh Sammie, thanks for the good laugh. If that isn't me too, I don't know what is. Sharyn


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