Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'd Rather Not, But I Will

Daily Draw: Radiant Sun Oracle ~ Manipulation

Scorpio ruled by Jupiter, in the 8th house:
Tackling formidable challenges.
Sisters brothers inheritance.
Our place in the world.

I'm reminded by this card of the untenable position I've put us in when assuming the task of caring for my in-laws. It is a huge challenge yet has given us better insight into 2 people who were pretty much cyphers prior to this commitment. It has made us figures of suspicion to the sisters and brothers and has already caused a break with one sister. My place in the world right now is where I've put us, regardless of what comes later. Truly, it is a tough job but someone has to do it. And as sure as there is sky above and earth below we are going to be accused of manipulation.

Another beautiful deck this week from the Smith/Astrop team, Oracle of the Radiant Sun, Astrology cards to illuminate your life. The set contains 84 cards and 144 page soft cover book. Connections Book Publishing 2002. ISBN 1-85906-071-4

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  1. Well, that's a truly tough situation. You are doing a good thing, caring for them. What a shame that others have to look for (create) negativity. Perhaps they are manifesting their own guilt for not doing all that they should to help... Stay strong! :)


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