Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kama Sutra Babe

Daily Draw: True Love Tarot ~ Devil

Well I don't much resemble a Kama Sutra babe, but this card, subtitled seduction is sort of a make it or break it for many relationships. When the physical relationship is good it's importance is minimized, but when it is bad it assumes great importance and that dissatisfaction can color everything else.

I'm reminded by this card that sex doesn't have to mean intercourse. It can begin with a promise and a look at breakfast, a neck nuzzle mid-day, not making a big fat fuss about who takes the garbage out, and foot play during dinner. Just jumping on at 10 PM can be pretty off-putting.

"Platonic love is like an inactive volcano." ~ Andre Pevost


  1. here! here!

    (meaning I agree totally). :)

  2. "Just jumping on at 10 PM can be pretty off-putting."

    Hee!You can say that again.

    That simple paragraph you've written is powerful advice for those who want more sex.


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