Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yes My Lord

Daily Draw: True Love Tarot ~ Emperor

When Rob asks me to do something, sometimes to make him laugh I say "I leap to your command my Lord" and jump like a ballerina. He does laugh and says "you've never leaped to anyone's command in your life". He's right and I'm right. He is correct in that I bow to no one and follow my own path. But I'm right in that I do what Rob asks because I love and honor him. And because he always asks, not commands.

I'm reminded by this card that marriage is a partnership, signified by the half shield representing peaceful intent and weapons signifying the willingness to stand and fight when it is of importance.

"Love naturally reverses the idea of obedience, and causes the struggle between any two who truly love each other to be, not who shall command, but who shall yield." ~ Frances P. Cobbe 1822-1904

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  1. Great posts about marriage - all of them. We've been married for 44 years now - and we're stronger now than when we first met oh so many years ago. When we tell people we've been married this long, we often get the question - "To each other???" and they are actually serious - and that question started when we were married just 25 years.

    For our 25th anniversary our kids and friends gave us a train trip back to Wisconsin to see Don's family - and as a surprise for me - Don had sweathshirts made up for us both that had our names - and "25 years in love" and a big heart on them - we sure did get the comments and raised thumbs on the train - one guy even asked if he could take our picture - it was super fun!!!


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