Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Beginnings

Daily Draw: Druid Plant Oracle ~ Juniper

Juniper indicates it is time to wash away the old and start fresh, to 'begin as we intend to go on'. I heard that phrase for the first time this year and was struck by it's simple message. July 30th we said goodbye to Windsor and we've been working through our grief since. We knew one day we'd want another dog but we weren't ready right away...too big of paw tracks for another dog to follow.

This card speaks volumes about our past week. Two dapple Daschunds were dumped up here in the back of beyond October 10. Other than to dash up behind you and bite they wouldn't allow any human contact, they had no socialization skills at all, they were simply wild beasts, the product of a local puppy mill going out of business.

Our original intent was to trap them in the garage so we could call the shelter to come and get them. Then we decided they had big hearts and plenty of moxie to be able to survive up here on their own, so we thought we'd teach them some social skills that might get them by long enough to be adopted out of the shelter.

Once they calmed down and we were finally able to lay hands of comfort on them the change has been nothing short of miraculous. In 8 days they have gone from frightened and vicious to two young gentleman who can walk into my office, get in their basket, and then wiggle for the sheer joy of getting a hug or tummy rub. They are well on their way to being upstanding representatives of their breed in any company they choose to keep.

Well, you can probably guess the outcome. Yes we were very careful not to name them while we were doing basic training. Give a name, take responsibility... But the Shelter truck was up here Friday, someone who got bit filed a police report. An animal that has bit has to be quarantined for 10 days, and if in Shelter care is then euthanized, no second chance whatsoever, it's the law. The officer was very kind, allowed as how I was willing to sign a affidavit that I would be responsible for their behavior she would consider that they were already in my quarantine which would expire in 3 days. Some of that kindness may have been triggered by the dogs coming up to her with a huge carrot and dropping it at her feet...where is the camera when you need it?

Neither one of us will say they are staying, but they now have names, will get their first bath today, and a lesson in auto travel. I'm fairly certain Xing-xing (Twin Stars) and Xaviar (bright new home) will pass with flying colors.

And that is what Juniper means to me today.
"A dachshund is a half-dog high and a dog-and-a-half long." ~ H. L. Mencken 1880-1956

This beautiful Druid Plant Oracle deck is the fourth collaboration of Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm on the book and Will Worthington as the card illustrator. They also did the Druid Craft Tarot, Greenman Tree Oracle, and Druid Animal Oracle. Mr. Carr-Gomm said this on his blog which says so well how I feel about my own blogs: "Just as the spiritual path can be characterized as the ongoing attempt to both remember yourself and forget yourself, so blogging can be seen as a challenge to both be more personal, more open, more sharing of the riches of a life and at the same time to take yourself less seriously, to let go of the concern about what other people might think about you, and to reveal rather than conceal your curiosity and amazement at the often crazy world you find yourself in".


  1. Your post today made me cry. I have an elderly Standard Poodle who is showing me signs that our time together is drawing to a close. Thank you for this post. I went back and read all about Windsor. My Q-dog was a rescue and he holds my heart.

  2. Ah bless, I shall keep my fingers crossed all goes well :)Sounds like they chose the right place (and humans ;)) to call home!

    x Mouse

  3. Wow, I'm sorry about your dog Windsor. and I think it's wonderful what you're doing for those dogs. Best wishes with that. What a sweet lovely post!! :)


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