Saturday, October 11, 2008


Daily Draw: Tarot of Dürer ~ 10 of Swords

This entire week's draws have been pointedly saying it is time to let something go, to bury it, to move on. Sometimes it is a fruitless quest, it can be a person, or an action that impinges on our integrity...even pride.

I'm reminded by this card, once again, that what we want is often not what we need. But comfort and routine obscures that from us. Time to pull up my socks, gird my loins and move forward to the future rather than hang on to faded dream, nebulous hope, or misplaced ego.

"If a hermit lives in a state of ecstasy, his lack of comfort becomes the height of comfort. He must relinquish it." ~ Jean Cocteau 1889-1963

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