Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fiscal Responsibility

Daily Draw: Paulina Tarot ~ Queen of Pents

The court cards offer one dimensional personalties by default, and pick up a more well rounded sense by connecting them to the cards that surround them in a spread. All that said, I always enjoy seeing the Queen of Coins come up because she is the one I most identify with.

It wasn't always that way, like so many others, we lived from paycheck to paycheck, charged the big ticket items like appliances, and those payments were added to the burden of already exhausted paychecks. They say when you are ready for the message it will appear...two things changed my viewpoint and actions regarding fiscal responsibility. Discovering FlyLady in March of 2001, and Mary Hunt's book Debt Proof Living later that year. As I worked through my home with FlyLady I saw every day where money had been spent with no return in value and began to live by the motto, "I have everything I need"; with Mary's book I learned how to save rather than spend, in an easy and common sense way.

I'm reminded by this card that old habits die hard. When I'm standing in front of a shiny geegaw my hand reaches for it but I know I have everything I "need" and I leave that momentary "want" there. Better there where I can visit it and someone else dusts it... And when I have a real need, I can afford it.

"It started with shining my sink, getting dressed to the shoes and decluttering for 15 minutes a day." ~ Marla Cilley/FlyLady


  1. Dear Sharyn: I have been following your Tarot for quite some time now (I know I should have commented)... I love your views, your observations and your devotion to enriching us readers every day. You have a great collection of Tarot decks, and I thank you for sharing the wisdom they give you. I love your work, and hope to see it flourish for a long time to come. My best wishes to you: esther

  2. LOL, love that FlyLady site, though I've not visited in probably over a year. Really makes you think :)

  3. FlyLady! That's one I've not seen in awhile. I used to follow it all the time, before I got married. I think it's time to take a look again!


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