Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Day Has Come

Daily Draw: Linda Goodman's Star Cards ~
Royal Star of the Lion

This card is the equivalent of being at the top of the tarot Wheel card. You are at the top of your form and now is the time to make any moves you've been formulating.

The number 23 (2+3=5) reduces to 5 which is ruled by Mercury, the messenger, the trickster, the wizard.

I'm reminded by this card that plans and dreams and notions are great, they keep our mind active and bright. At some point action must be taken, ere we turn into simpletons and daydreamer while the world passes us by. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Sol gold is, and Luna silver we threpe,
Mars yron, Mercurie quiksilver we clepe,
Saturnus leed, and Jupiter is tin,
And Venus coper, by my fader kin! ~ Geoffrey Chaucer 1343-1400

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  1. Thanks for this post - I needed this - we are facing some awful hard things in the fairly near future and I do need to be at the top of my game!!!!


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