Thursday, April 2, 2009

Body Image Project using Tarot Cards

My second go at Jeannette's Tarot project this week, using Tarot cards to focus on body image. As I sorted through my decks for subjects I realized why these are some of my top favorite decks. Real bodies...rather than the improbable T&A we see in so many decks and the media. (click on images to see larger version)
Set #1
1. From the Haindl, Dangerously overweight with all the attendant health problems as a bonus. Diabetes, high blood pressure, breathing problems, inability to move normally, no clothes fit and the ones worn chafe like mad because the legs never separate.
2. The Paulina 9 of Swords shows our most common attitude. Woe is me, I'll die this way, lots of drama queen behavior which props up self sabotage.
3. Back to the Haindl, showing compulsions on the other side of the coin. Getting active with a vengeance which our personality type will never keep up. Thinking model thin with dangerously low BMI's is the only answer.
Set #2
1. The Dürer's Queen of Cups shows her tendency to overindulge in private, a common dirty little one is looking and we can all be surprised and puzzled at the results.
2. The Universal Fantasy. I bought this deck based on this Strength card and had to laugh because it mimics the images I put together yesterday. Can anyone say Tall envy? At 5' I should just be thankful me feet touch the ground when I walk.
3. The Durer's Star card is one of the most beautiful I've seen. At peace with her own self-image, voluptuous without being portly. I can live with that.
Set #3
From the Llewellyn, possibly my favorite deck, are two scenes that both place me in my natural surroundings, nature and quilting, radiating health, with a good lifestyle mix of activities and passions.

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  1. These are lovely, Sharyn! I recently bought the Llwellyn but I've yet to use it although I love the cards.


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