Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reading for ZM42309

Health/Wellness Reading for ZM42309
Deck used: Osho Zen
Spread used: Self/Situation/Solution

Self: The Master

You appear to be in the process of 'becoming', of growing into your true potential. You've possibly had some problems in the past with trying to become something for someone else's reasons. You have given yourself one of the greatest gifts by respecting and acknowledging the real you. Worldly rewards are nothing compared to the rewards of good health as Osho himself found out to his great regret. Great job!

Situation: Letting Go. There are a few residual ghost voices trying to tell you what to do. They will always be there in some form, it seems to be human nature to belittle ourselves by comparing our journey with that of others. Just turn off the volume...let them go their own way. Your path will cross theirs again and you'll be surprised you ever bothered to listen.

Solution: Possibilities. The world is truly your oyster if you continue forward on the health and wellness path you are currently on. By restoring and keeping your body and mind in good condition you will be able to weather whatever comes at you and always see the positive possibilities in each situation. Again, Good Job!

These are such positive and forward thinking cards this was a reading it has been a pleasure to provide. Thank you for allowing me to read for you today.

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  1. Very nice blog!

    I used your Self/Situation/Solution
    and got King of Cups/Magician/Six of Rods (Aquarian Deck). Nice. I've had a lot of "stuff" going on the last six mos...much of which I didn't like very well. Thanks for the nice format.


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