Sunday, May 3, 2009

Everything Is Coming Up Roses

Daily Draw: Songs For The Journey Home ~ 9 of Wave Songs

What a lovely card to draw for the first card of the new week.

I'm reminded by this card of all the fun I had with my red hat chapter for four years. It was a crazy thing for me to start, Ms. Loner herself, but I made some good friends and even more important in my mind was learning that I could have fun. Fun for no other reason that the having of it. I've long since moved on but the lessons in just having fun have stayed...And I do! Some lessons are a long time coming. It shouldn't take us until our 50's to learn how to have fun.

"Fun is good." ~ Dr. Seuss 1904-1991

Songs For The Journey Home comes from New Zealand; 197 page excellent book by Catherine Cook, wonderful creative art by Dwariko von Sommaruga.

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  1. What a lovely deck. I think that I've seen it before but don't know much about it. Thank you for posting with it this week. :)


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