Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weja and Love

Daily Draw: Australian Contemporary Dreamtime Tarot ~ Wejas or Lovers

As I wrote the short introduction of this deck below, I was thinking about all the different ways we can love. There is love for humans and other living or inanimate objects of earth...we might say I love that tree or lake or robin or dog. We also develop a love for stuff or activites...I love my card decks and blogging and so on.

I'm reminded by this card that I've been cautioned that we can't love something that isn't alive. Perhaps so in some definitions of love, but I surround myself with things I love. I don't live in a vacuum, I live in a beautiful but imperfect world and some days, many days in fact there is no human being there to love; but my animals, home, and yes, stuff, give me a lot of comfort and companionship.

"To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others." ~ Anne-Sophie Swetchine 1782-1857

The Australian Contemporary Dreamtime Tarot is an outside-the-norm art creation based on Keith Courtenay-Peto's (1928-2007) experiences in the Australian outback in the 1960's and his own sacred dreamtime, with text/translations by Diacon Courtenay-Peto. Published by Goldrope Pty. Ltd. Queensland Australia, 1991.

The four suits of the minor arcana are kundas/staffs, coolamons/cups, muggils/knives and wariats/pentacles; the court cards are maiden, hunter, earth mother and tribal elder. The numbering system is a large dot for 5's, small dots equal 1's, hence the card in this draw is number 6, the Lovers. Each major includes seventeen different markers in addition to the tarot image.

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  1. Sharyn,
    Nice quote. and rather an unexpected variation of cards!
    Judy B


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