Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Greenwood Wheel Of The Year

There seems no hope of ever seeing the Greenwood and it's attendant bits republished. I spent a lot of time looking for the Wheel of the Year that goes with the Greenwood Tarot deck and came up short until a friend shared one.
If you click on the image it should come up at 200+ KB 

The following are the Majors index, the first from the published book, the second from Chesca Potter's website majors. The second set has red highlights where the order deviates from the book.

Greenwood Tarot, Order of Majors (Book)
0 Fool
1. Ancestor (Hierophant)
2. Star
3. Archer (Chariot)
4. Justice
5. Lovers
6. Balance (Temperance)
7. Greenman (Emperor)
8. Greenwoman (Empress)
9. Blasted Oak (Tower/Hanged man)
10. Strength
11. Reflection (New/Hanged man)
12. Wheel
13. Guardian (Devil)
14. Death
15. Hermit
16. Judgement
17. Seer (High Priestess)
18. Moon
19. Shaman (Magician)
20. Sun
21. World Tree

Greenwood Tarot, Order of Majors from Website
0 Fool /Center of Wheel
1 Ancestor/Hierophant
2 Pole Star (related to Aces)
3 Archer/Chariot
4 Justice (related to twos)
5 Lovers/Lovers #2
6 Balance/Temperance (related to threes)
7 Greenwoman/Empress
8 Greenman/Emperor (related to fours
9 Blasted Oak/Hanged man/Tower
10 Strength (related to fives)
11 Reflection/New card/Hanged man
12 Wheel (related to sixes)
13 Death page 11
14 Guardian (related to sevens)

15 Hermit
16 Judgment (related to eights)
17 Seer (related to nines)
18 Shaman (related to tens)
19 Moon/Winter

20 Sun/Summer page 15
21 World Tree page 15
+ Storyteller on Card Backs. Page 16


  1. Thank you for posting this image! I gives me hope. I recently came into possesion of a Greenwood Tarot Deck and book but not the Wheel of the Year chart that went with it. Can you send me the hi-res scan? I'd be forever grateful.


  2. Hi Sharyn, I am on a quest to find information about the Wheel of the Year myself. There is still little out there. I would be so grateful if you would send me a larger image so I can see the wheel better. Thank you so much for your time.


  3. If you need the high res scan for printing to go with your deck leave a comment that includes your email, (I won't publish it). Or, on the left, click my profile and email me directly. I can't send the wheel to

    thanks, Sharyn


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