Sunday, January 3, 2010

Of Seeds and Civilization

Daily Draw: Ma'at Tarot ~ Hanged Man

Using the artist's Wheel Year The Hanged One falls on or represents August 2, Lammas/Lughnasad marking two significant times; The first harvest ushering in a time of abundance, and the time of handfasting-a trial marriage of a year and a day.

I'm reminded by this card of the gathering of the green. There have always been and always will be peoples who plant and harvest but as the earth gets further out of sync millions go hungry while farmers are paid not to grow, to pour milk on the land, to grow non-food plants like tobacco and cottonwood. I hope the coming of the green is not too late. Great civilizations have come and gone in the past, I expect ours is on the way out also, but somewhere there is the seed of a new and hopefully wiser civilization coming to fruit.

"An old mind surprised by seeing a purple fairy at sunset,
dancing to the crickets’ tunes,
leaping as guinea hens screech,
wary of the bats,
hovering to say,“Lugh’s Day, Lugh’s Day.”" ~ Mike Garofalo 1945-, Lugh’s Fairy

The deck this week is the Ma'at Tarot, I have #17/1000, signed by the artist Julie Cuccia-Watts, self published, 2006. In addition to their use in traditional tarot, Julie has designed her own system based on the lunar year for the minors and solar year for the majors. There is a 39 page workbook by Corrine Kenner and a hardcover 291 page book by the artist. That is just my set...Julie's website offers many more Ma'at books to complement and flesh out her system.

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  1. That is an interesting Hanged one. A fetus, a kernel of wheat, both.

    I can not decide if the card just puts me off or intrigues me.


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