Thursday, January 14, 2010

Say Who?

Daily Draw: Circle of Life Tarot ~ Empress

Zenobia, warrior Queen of Palymra.
Cleopatra Thea, Queen of Syria
Elen Luyddog, Princess of Wales
Makeda, Queen of Sheba
Lei-tzu, Empress of China
Cartimandua,Queen of the Brigantes
What do these women have in common? They were powerful leaders in their own right; respected, accomplished, intelligent, feared. When someone pulls this card and the reader gets all glowy and spouts, "oooo, there is a baby in your future", I just want to hurl. They sure don't say that when someone pulls the Emperor. So what gives with the weird idea that the Empress stands for some sappy sort of motherhood? I don't follow the logic of that thinking.

I'm reminded by this card, once again, that I'm a square peg. No news there.

"I may be kindly, I am ordinarily gentle, but in my line of business I am obliged to will terribly what I will at all." ~ Catherine the Great 1729-1796

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