Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Skewing Sideway, 5's/8's

I had the idea I might like to alter a deck, and the Robert Place Saints Tarot seemed like a good place to start; simple lines clear colors only cost me five bucks. Back down the page aways I was considering how to contain my temper. When I looked over the cards I've finished I believe my temper is still simmering just below boil.
I'm not sure this is the best way to let off steam...but I have twelve cards finished. Got Sharpies?


  1. Brilliant!!! I love it and want to do the same to something badly...

  2. badly? You should see the deck traveller is doing, a super gilded one with plain pips, she is SO artistic! What I'd aim for and never achieve, me and my sharpies :) Thanks for stopping by, Sharyn

  3. Sharpies can add so much to life. Ben (5 year old grandson) even added to his face with Sharpies one day and had to wear it to school because it wouldn't come off without taking off his skin.


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