Friday, April 30, 2010


Daily Draw: Celtic Shaman's Pack ~ Mound of Wonders

We have two homes, this week is transition. I feel untethered, unsure, unhomed, unloved, uncalm.

I'm reminded by this card home is where you hang your hat, most of the day I'll be in the Pacifica...and I'll just call that home.

Now we are Unhomed,
Bereft of root and kith and kin.
From other mysteries of delight,
We set our sails to resail our track
But the winds of life blew not the way we chose,
And the land beyond the Sea was lost. ~ Stephen R. Donaldson 1947-

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  1. The World card in my new Fey Tarot, reminds me of the same thing. :) (My family has moved around a lot - including between two different countries, several times.)


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