Saturday, July 10, 2010


Daily Draw: Tarocchi Celtici ~ Judgment/Epona

The name Epona comes from Gaulish, which was spoken during the later Iron Age approximately 300 BCE to 50 BCE. As a late goddess her history is scant, but she was known as the protector of horses. I find it interesting that my last draw with this deck before it travels to it's new owner contains all three of the most prominent animals in my life. The Owl and Raven are totems, the horse gives me heart stopping fright.

I'm reminded by this Judgment card and Epona that life isn't a lead pipe cinch, all roses and championship. It is filled with moments of amazing grace and days of uncertainly and fear and sorrow. I don't believe in fate, but that our path is self-directed. People and events can certainly impact us but where we go and what we do with that effect is entirely up to us. We are the horse and Epona, the protector and the protected.

"When you define yourself as a protector-in-chief, your accountability is higher." ~ Kathleen Hall Jamieson 1946-

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  1. Great stuff!!! One of my totem animals is the Raven - and the Owl is one of my helpers. The Raven sustained me through my childhood (right now I can't think of a word to describe it - horrific seems so tame).


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