Sunday, August 1, 2010

Introvert Extrovert

Daily Draw: Etruscan Tarot ~ Hermit

I drew the Hermit the first day July also. I've heard the title Hermit directed at myself any number of times. It's never "wow, what a hermit" in admiring tones, it is usually "you are such a hermit" in ringing tones of exasperation or worse.

I'm reminded by this card we each dance to a different tune, and not always by choice. Much of what we are by maturity involves genes, environmental training, and habit. I look at people whose life is directed outwardly and wonder when they have opportunity to think for themselves, to recharge, to refill the well of creativity. And absolutely, with some envy.

I back-tracked the following quote through three sites and then lost the thread so has no author credited.This introvert description has me pegged.

"Introverts have more brain activity in their frontal lobes and when these areas are activated through solitary activity, introverts become energized through processes such as problem solving, introspection, and complex thinking."
"Extroverts on the other hand tend to have more activity in the back of their brain, areas that deal with processing sensory information from the external world, so they tend to search for external stimuli in the form of interacting with other people and the outside world to energize them."

For the dog days of summer this week introduces the 2006 tarot from Lo Scarabeo based on ancient Etruscan art. The Etruscans predated the Romans and the art for this deck was inspired by or came from tombs and necropoleis in what is now Tuscany. Art by Silvana Alasia, booklet by Riccardo Minetti.

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  1. That is great information about introverts - and we hermits appreciate the insight.


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