Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Touch

Daily Draw: Mythic Tarot ~ 6 of Coins

If you are alive, you've no doubt been hit up for a loan or a gimme. If they have to ask, they probably won't have the resources to pay it back, that's just common sense regardless of promises.

I'm reminded by this card, if it's family just say no, or make it a gift. Those two options also make it a gift to your blood pressure, your heart, and your peace of mind.

"I can get no remedy against this consumption of the purse: borrowing only lingers and lingers it out, but the disease is incurable." ~ William Shakespeare 1564-1616


  1. I'm with you, Sharyn... I only make a gift to family; if they want a loan, they can go to a bank. If I say no, it's because I don't have it to share.

    Don't you think that this card has a little arrogance to it? Like he's saying "Say pretty please with sugar on top and I'll let you have some." Or like there's some long string attached to the largesse somewhere....

    ~~ Vera

  2. His Kingness looks a little aloof doesn't he...Maybe he has been hit up 10 times too many :)


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