Monday, December 27, 2010


Daily Draw: A'HA Oracle ~ Patience

The companion book speaks of this cocoon being passive development time. At first blush this seems contradictory terms but is probably equal to what I call leaving something on the 'working wall' of my mind.

A working wall is where we quilters place our components of a quilt as they are made. How we begin is very seldom how we end because it gives us the opportunity to see them when we aren't actively looking at them. The misplaced colors shout, the backward assembly waves, something we hadn't even considered whispers to be tried out. I'm reminded by this card to let things simmer a bit always begets more fully formed conclusions.

"Yes, you can fly; but that cocoon has got to go" ~ 1970's poster, credited as Polish Proverb

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  1. A working wall... what a great concept. A wonderful way to objectively see the big picture instead of being so busy focusing on all the little details. You quilters are a smart bunch of folks. :)


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