Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Short Life Of Pleiades

Daily Draw: Oracle of the Dreamtime ~ Seven Sisters

Subtitled Initiation, Tests, Convictions. I held my father-in-law's heart and hands for two years as he travel his course through dementia, in the final days knowing nothing but who we were. I'm now charged with holding another who seems to be traveling the same journey, except at the speed of light.

I'm reminded by this card many of the life tests we are put through need to be viewed with a true sense of perspective. In these two cases the grief and fear are my heart and mind's heavy burden to bear, but it isn't my mind falling apart, it isn't me resting in a urn on the mantle. I can hold up to these difficult tests, for them...not for me, for even the Pleiades is dying as we speak.

"When I give I give myself." ~ Walt Whitman 1819-1892

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  1. It is truly hard to sit with another's pain and fear; I think it is what compassion is all about, and I admire you for it my friend.


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