Sunday, March 6, 2011


Daily Draw: Moon Oracle ~ Full Moon Earth

I suppose parents would know this cycle of completion; not having kids, I'm thinking about the care of very elderly adults in my responsibility. And how difficult it is when communication is blocked and everyone involved pulls in different directions.

It has taken nearly six months of struggle against the tide of "I know best" to get to the place where I am this week, and it is still only one small area of success for the patient, balanced against an avalanche of dangerous advice and actions on so many fronts. Still, we will celebrate this achievement, then quietly gird our loins for the next phase...same song new verse.

"Winners compare their achievements with their goals, while losers compare their achievements with those of other people." ~ Nido Qubein 1948-

Elemental Tarot is the website for the John Alstrop and Caroline Smith decks which can also be found on Amazon. The Moon Oracle has 72 cards based on the phases of the moon, moon mansions, and moon goddesses. Art by Caroline Smith, 128 page book by John Astrop. Published by St. Martin's Press 2000. I haven't a clue about moon signs and movement, but as with all my decks, I love the art and go with that, heart, and intuition.

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  1. Really, really love this oracle deck. I'll be checking them out after I cut up my credit card :) Starting an astrology course this week as well so this is well timed, thank you.


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