Friday, March 18, 2011

Crazy Cat Lady

Daily Draw: Enchanted Tarot ~ Queen of Cups

This Queen often has too much ill-directed love to share, which in turn pushes people away, setting up a cycle of loneliness and need. She would be the lady with 42 cats, or the one with the son of 42 whose never left home. She is on 42 committees and seems officious to the point of driving others away.

I'm reminded by this card that love isn't always a good thing. When there is too much we think we are the only person who can love and care for something properly. And you see the result of that in the paper every day. Because they don't know how to care for themselves. I least identify with this queen and given time she is the queen I could most likely become. I think I'll allow some self-love today. It can't hurt.

"It's not good," she adds, recounting how she's given up friends and travel. she says, "It saves the cats but it doesn't save me." ~ Diane, Cat Lady

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  1. Her pensive, pitiful look makes me want to smack her. Of course she could just remind me of my codependent DIL who continues to put up with unacceptable behavior...


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