Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reading The Card

Daily Draw: Moon Oracle ~ Challenge

I drew this card last night in a small spread. When I saw the card I saw my error, I was not specific in my query, a common problem when querents ask a question, a stupid one for me to make. Which left me not knowing if this card meant a challenge I created for myself, or someone who has challenged me in some way.

I'm reminded by this card there are always clues if the reader takes the time to hunt for them rather than leaping to shaky conclusions.
  • The moon itself is half and half, a challenge I can accept or deny.
  • On the chart the moon is on the right hand side, suggesting the future rather than current or past.
  • We see the autumnal colors and read fall on the card, another clue that it is in the future, and when.
  • The moon is evenly balanced on the sides, but above and below we see uneven clues.
  • Looking at the pie symbol I see this is an Air challenge, one of thought or learning.
My conclusion? The challenge may come from the outside, but it will be one that I can choose to deny or accept. If I accept it will require an open mind to new training or study in order to rise to or cope with the challenge. As a waning moon I can conclude it will carry on from something I already know. What do you see?

"What I began by reading, I must finish by acting." ~ Henry David Thoreau 1817-1862

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  1. I did a pendulum reading for my niece many years ago when she was pregnant. I asked if she was going to have a girl, and it made a very distinct "yes" motion. She had a boy, but then four years later had a girl. I forgot to be specific about THIS pregnancy!
    The autumn colors really strike me with this card, and makes me think of letting go, growing out of something, etc. There are times when I enjoy something or someone in my life, and then there are times when I need to say goodbye to them. Always a challenge for me, especially when I am torn by my enjoyment of something yet know it is time to move on.


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