Thursday, April 21, 2011

Joy And Pain

Daily Draw: Songs For The Journey Home ~ 10 of Swords

I know. I know as well as I know my name there are two sides to everything. For something to give joy you can bet it will also be able to cause pain. I chose long ago not to shut myself off from joy to avoid the pain.

I'm reminded by this card how much joy and pleasure my hens bring to my life. Now that I have them I can't imagine not having chickens. There is a sick one right now and the area vets are not interested in treating her. She needs surgery and it is a fact of life, chickens seldom live long after anesthesia, their respiratory system is too fragile. So I hold her and we tell each other stories, and time passes and soon the end will come.

"Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral." ~ Frank Lloyd Wright 1867-1959


  1. (((Sharyn and feathered friend))) I've lost many finned, feathered and furred friends, and each time it's happened, the pain cuts so deeply I decide I never want to feel that vulnerable again. But eventually I remember the joy, and decide the risk of opening my heart to life is worth it.

  2. So sorry to hear. The card is very sad too. There is no way that butterfly will escape. Acceptance is hard. Once, I had a bumble bee trapped behind the glass on my porch, and I kept gently trying to point it in the right direction, but then it turned around and flew straight into a spider web, and the spider swiftly killed it. That was a hard lesson about interferring even when we have good intentions.

    Nonetheless, I am sorry about your fluffy one. :(


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