Sunday, April 3, 2011


Daily Draw: Ancient Feminine Wisdom ~ Hygieia

Subtitled health. Yesterday I read a news story where the Arizona governor plans to penalize childless adults who are obese (which is 20 pounds over optium weight), smoke, display other health related symptoms in order to bring funds into their Medicaid program. I'm ok with the idea, actually I think Medicare aught to be capped at 50K a year. Period. But childless? Since when did this become a health issue to be fined? How about people that drive yellow cars? Or thrift shop?

I'm reminded by this card it's a funny old world and no matter our age ultimately our daily health is in our own hands. What we put in our mind and heart are just as important as what we put in our mouth and as with everything balance is key. How many times does Hygieia need to show us that lesson?

"Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing." ~ Redd Foxx 1922-1991

"Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddess and Heroines, by Kay Stevenson & Brian Clark, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.2007; 78 card deck with 64 page booklet.


  1. Perhaps that governor doesn't want to fine adults with children, so the government looks like they're not taking food out of the kids mouths.

    I work in the healthcare industry. I've always said that it should be called "sickness insurance;" doctors don't keep you in health, you keep yourself that way. Doctors help you when you're sick.

  2. The childless thing baffles me... It seems like deciding NOT to have a child that you couldn't afford to feed, clothe, etc. would be a GOOD thing. Is the Arizona governor Catholic by chance?

  3. Perhaps they think having kids is penalization enough :-) Seriously, though, I think Vera has hit the nail on the head - they don't want to be seen to be stealing candy from babies, so to speak.

    I love your sentence that "what we put in our mind and heart are just important as what we put in our mouth". So true, but so much harder to regulate or examine.


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