Sunday, April 24, 2011

Student Of Life

Daily Draw: Bosch Tarot ~ Page of Wands

There was once an advertisement whose message was 'the mind is a terrible thing to waste'. Yesterday I was reading the current issue of Smithsonian Magazine and was impressed as always with just how learned a person can become.

I'm reminded by this card our IQ is probably set at birth. I will never be able to design and build an engine, or understand calculus, or translate the Dead Sea Scrolls, but I can pick up a book knowing when I've finished it I will have learned something new. That is a gift I treasure.

"I find television to be very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go in the other room and read a book." ~ Groucho Marx 1890-1977

The Bosch Tarot was published in 2000 by Lo Scarabeo, based on 16th century art and times of Hieronymus Bosch. Last used here in 2008.


  1. I think literacy is one of the most under-appreciated gifts in our society. It's always puzzled me when someone tells me, "Oh I don't like to read..."

  2. HI! There Sharyn...

    remember me?... tarotlyn from AT?
    My id used to be successgoodhealth and I changed it
    to tarotlyn.

    I was just talking to Amber (MoonGypsy on AT) and she told me about your personal tarot reading blog.

    I just wanted to say hello and I miss you on were such an asset. I just came back there myself, after having a very busy last year of fun.

    Hope you can come back to AT in the future.

    I still have , use, and LOVE my beautiful spread cloth, and tarot bag that you made me. Remember? with a GIANT bakelite button? I still have my Bohemian Gothic Silver deck I bought from you too!
    Thank you again for sharing with me.

    You are a true sweetheart!

    Miss you on AT...
    tarotly (Lyn)

  3. My significant other reads with this deck. I find it a difficult to read with but do appreciate the fascinating artwork.

    I love learning, too, but am not especially academic. I feel that if I get one good idea or bit of info from a book it was worth reading.

  4. Hi! Sharyn...

    Just wanted to say hello and tell you that I and others
    miss you on AT...what happened? are you okay?
    I hope you can come back soon...

    I still have my beautiful spread cloth and tarot bag you made me...remember? (the black and gold set with the GIANT bakelite button on the bag?) I love it so much and think of you when I see it.

    I also still have my BGS tarot deck set too...Thank you so much so sharing those with me.

    Miss you on AT...take care
    Light and Blessings!
    Lyn (tarotlyn on AT)

  5. Hi Lynn, your note doesn't give me any way to contact you. Leave another comment with your email address, I won't post it.
    hugs, Sharyn


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