Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Worldly Goods

Daily Draw: Oracle of the Radiant Sun ~ Ostentation

Taurus ruled by Saturn in the 2nd House
Acquisition of worldly things
combined with a determination to succeed
It is all about possessions

There are many parts to the 2nd house, or in tarot-speak, the suit of coins. Health, family, occupation, education, the land, buildings which can cover not just home but hospital, school, church, is a big suit. But this card is all about acquisition and the flaunting of same. The Hummer syndrome. Christian Louboutin mentality, McMansion vision, I'm a princess fantasy.

There isn't a thing wrong with the above if we are as in we have so much money we don't even know how much we have. The problem is the true cost of spending above our income. Is our house paid for? Are the children's college tuitions fully funded? Is the Roth/401K fully funded? Insurance in place? Is there a minimum of six weeks income in a contingency fund? Are all the bills paid in full? At that point I'd say welcome to all the ostentation we like. We earned it. Except by the time we'd funded all of the above we've changed how we view, value, and think about money. On the way to becoming Ostentatious we've become surprisingly unpretentious and find our value is in security, window-dressing be damned. You'd be surprised to know which of your neighbors are millionaires. It probably isn't the one carrying a Hummer on her back.

"To give up pretensions is as blessed a relief as to get them gratified." ~ William James 1842-1910

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  1. It's the excessive display - flaunt it in your face - that annoys me. But those folks are usually not the ones who have money because of hard work and perseverance. They're usually the ones drowning in loans and credit card bills. But they look good, right?


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