Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Altar

Daily Draw: Xultun Tarot ~ 7 of Cups

What is on our 'stuff' altar? And how do we define something worthy of an altar? For me I believe it is items that are one or all: Sacred, Useful, or bring Beauty into my life.

I'm reminded by this card (keeping in mind I'm pretty well fully decluttered now) of my accidental naturescape to the left of me that has assumed a sacred space in my mind. My big bowls of pens...I love using colored ink. My deck shelf, the DVD bookcase, my remaining books, the few things I've kept of my grandmother's which seem to be creeping into a little altar on my right. My journals, a family photo space which includes ashes. Not too much on the whole, I could get it all in the back of my Pacifica and still have room for the dogs, cats, chickens and us. The goats would have to walk behind Conestoga style as we regally swept away. Interesting exercise this early in the morning.
added later: I find it telling I didn't think to add phone and computer.

"You are to gather up the joys and sorrows, the struggles, the beauty, love, dreams and hopes of every hour that they may be consecrated at the altar of daily life." ~ Macrina Wiederkehr OSB

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  1. Interesting post that made me think of what is of REAL importance on my altar; mostly pictures of relatives who have passed on and items found in nature. I have statues from various religions that I've studied over the years, but for some reason these don't seem as special as the other things.


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