Sunday, June 5, 2011

Life Process

Daily Draw: Druid Animal Oracle ~ Wren

Wren, nest, eggs. If I had to describe life in three words I suppose wren, nest, egg, would do.

I'm reminded by this card of the various stages we go through, some of them daily, some only once in a life time.
I am smallish and weakish but given a big task once I figure out my leverage I'll eventually get it done, dedication and stubbornness hand in hand.
A nest is that place we feel at home and safe within. In the last few years the size of my house has begun to overwhelm me but within that largeness is my little nests; my office, my quilt room, my bedroom. Safe and sound in a space designed to suit my needs.
We sometimes don't know the egg time is upon us until hindsight tells us we are going into a new life stage. Once arrived we can look back and be amazed at how our brain and body navigated us to this spot seemingly with no input.

"If I keep a green bough in my heart, then the singing bird will come." ~ Chinese proverb

This week's deck is The Druid Animal Oracle, written by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm with Bill Worthington doing the card art. I love this deck, Mr. Worthington's art is beautifully rendered giving much food for thought. I came to tarot one year in my annual search for something new to learn. I happened to see a listing for a tarot course in Barnes and Nobel free class listings. I thought Wow, the history and symbology of tarot could keep a research and info junkie like me occupied for a long time.Well, I was right. I've enjoyed delving deeper and deeper into the history and symbology of the cards, and even learning to use them for personal growth and think pieces. But being new to the subject I didn't know there is a world of difference between a tarot deck and a Oracle and the Druid Animal Oracle was my very first deck. I have since learned to love oracles and will always keep this Ebay prize because it was my very first deck.

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  1. Worthington must have a deep love of nature, because he is such a master at painting it. All his decks are beautiful to me.
    I have several wrens that come to my feeders, and they always amaze me - such a very tiny bird with such a powerful voice!


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