Saturday, June 11, 2011


Daily Draw: Druid Animal Oracle ~ Cat

One thing you can say about cats as a generality is they are detached. Even Velcro cats...attach on their terms and time not ours.

I'm reminded by this card that trait is something I've been trying to moderate. It is my nature to be detached from people and things. Too far in that direction and I could easily become that one person we all remember from childhood...the screwy old lady in the shuttered house no one knows anything about except the weird myths that spring up.

I'm not an oddball." ~ Lee Remick 1935-1991

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  1. The "screwy old lady" comment made me laugh, because that could easily be me in a few years! I do enjoy the company of others, but I enjoy solitude and my personal space even more. It just dawned on me that this cat is my Scottish ancestors' clan symbol. Well now this is all beginning to make more sense! :)


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