Saturday, July 30, 2011

Time And Pressure

Daily Draw: Margarete Petersen Tarot ~ Ace of Coins

This seed and the tree rings which surround it show the beauty nature can make of waste given enough time and pressure. Fallen forests become petrified wood, tree sap becomes golden amber, nondescript rocks are sliced or broken to reveal vistas in agate or a colony of crystal spheres.

I'm reminded by this card of my own efforts at internal beauty and wisdom. I don't have a billion years and must be ever vigilant against forming hurtful actions, poison words, sour thoughts. The progress is so slow as to be unmeasureable...

"Pressure and stress is the common cold of the psyche." ~ Andrew Christopher Denton 1960-

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  1. I'm often unsure what to say as a comment to your posts. After all, you have said exactly what you mean, and in a beautiful manner. This is when I'd like the Facebook "Like" option - to spread the word of how much I enjoy your posts, even when I can think of nothing to add. And because I'd like you to know that it has been read and appreciated - it can feel lonely out here. Perhaps sometimes those negative thoughts come when we feel alone and unrecognised, so in case that is ever the case, this is to say how much I enjoy reading your thoughts and insights.


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