Saturday, August 27, 2011


Daily Draw: Shining Tribe Tarot ~ Death

Three pages about this Death card in the companion book and I'm no closer to understanding Pollock's vision, but I do understand death.

I'm reminded by this card I lost one of my dear hens this week, held her in my arms as she went. I dug the grave, I said the words, I buried her. I've also been studying on mummys, particularly the oldest ones. the Chinchorro. The very oldest were all children including stillborn and babies. The belief is they mummified their babies to keep them as part of the family, they couldn't bear to lose them to the cold black earth. Embraced by our ego we often think of historical peoples as being unintelligent, ignorant, and worse, unfeeling. But life always understands death and the ancients knew what was important in living.

"At 2 Krasin some of the Soviet Union's finest medical and scientific minds toil, as they have for decades, on a bizarre quest: to transform dead dictators like Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, and Kim Il Sung into the most perfect mummies the world has ever seen." ~ Heather Pringle, The Mummy Congress

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  1. I've never seen a mummified child before; it is touching. Though I do wonder what the spirits of its long-dead parents feel about it being unwrapped and on display in a museum...


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