Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cremate Me

Daily Draw: iTongo Tarot ~ 4 of Wands/Isibane

Freedom, an odd but not unheard of keyword for the 4 of Wands. It makes sense in the confines of this deck because it shows and speaks of Ntsikana (1760-1821), the first Xhosa to embrace and convert to Christianity in 1815. His final freedom was his wish to be buried in the ground and he had to force the issue to be accommodated in this way.

I'm reminded by this card in this country the living can and often do follow their own wishes very much against what the deceased wanted; in what should be our final freedom, the option of what to do with our mortal remains.

"There is nothing quite so good as burial at sea. It is simple, tidy, and not very incriminating." ~ Alfred Hitchcock 1899-1980

Published in 2010, this week's deck is from South Africa. Deck art is by Chantal Fielding. Soft cover 144 page book is by Robyn Anne Pollard. The suits represent the myths and tribal traditions of four different areas of South Africa: Wands are Xhosa/Isibane, Swords are Zulu/Assegai, Cups are Sotho/Tswana/Moritsoana, and Coins are Pedi/Venda/Ndebele/Mavhele.

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  1. I'm glad this deck costs a fair bit, otherwise I'd be very tempted to add this lovely to my collection!


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