Sunday, September 4, 2011


Daily Draw: Guardians of Wisdom ~ Ace of Cups

Drawn reversed, this is the Goddess suit, perplexed. That word suits the emotion, it seems unable to make up its mind and life is often like that, in the modern world we are faced with far more options than we need.

I'm reminded by this reversed card allowing our emotions to always rule our choices can make for a unstable life. Want rather than need, lust rather than love, grief rather than recovery, temper rather than tempering...

"We might wish we lived in a more tranquil world, but we don't. And if our times are difficult and perplexing, so are they challenging and filled with opportunity." ~ Robert Francis Kennedy 1925-1968

Guardians of Wisdom, subtitled Universal Power Cards is in the batters box this week. Art by Emy Ledbetter, words by Todd Hershey, no companion book with this set but it comes with seven extra cards, four with the story behind the deck and three with spreads suggested for use with the deck. Printed by Carta Mundi, 2000.

In auto parlance this deck would be called a cross-over I suppose, neither fowl nor beast. Underlying all is a tarot base so I will identify the suits as thus. The majors are titled Universal Guardians and marked with Roman Numerals. The four suits are marked by number and standard playing card deck suit.

Spades/Swords represented by Ancient Asians
Hearts/Cups represented by Goddesses
Clubs/Wands represented by Angels
Diamonds/Coins represented by Native Americans
The entire deck is designed for drawing both uprights and reversals.


  1. Reversed, she looks like she's being held under water (or under her emotions). I guess that "held" is not the right word, since she seems to doing it all on her own...

  2. Such a lovely deck. I know I had it on my wishlist for many years but somehow I never ended up getting it. Will be interesting to follow your week with it now and see if it get's back to the to-buy list :-D


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