Friday, October 28, 2011

Renaissance Man

Daily Draw: Greenwood Tarot ~ King of Swords

Court cards, by need and nature, are basically one-dimensional, otherwise you wouldn't have four courts in a deck, you'd have one card, full-faceted. But modern adults have become via choice or circumstance or the time we live in, can-do, one size fits all, multi-taskers of life, required to fill all roles whether we like it or not. Perhaps a blanket statement but something I've been thinking about a lot since I've become a member of the pink ribbon tribe and been observing how males deal/cope with our breast cancer. And reflecting back 40-50 years and how the men of my mother's age dealt with the same thing.

I'm reminded by this card of Rob's sword personality, the thinker who amazes me with how clearly he can pinpoint the crux of a problem and work out the solution. How deeply his feelings run (cups) and how hidden those feeling are from nearly everyone but me. Of how quickly (wands) he can act, and at this time how badly he wants to be able to fix things, make them right, make me whole again. And how at base (coins) he is the worlds best nurturer and provider. He is the all-faceted man, and today on my birthday I recognize he is the greatest gift I've ever been given and just how much I treasure him. King of everything, including my heart.

"More marriages might survive is the partners realized that sometimes the better comes after the worse." ~ Doug Larson 1902-1981


  1. Happy Birthday to You! May you be blessed with happiness and good health for many years to come. :)
    Your Renaissance man does sound like quite gift.

  2. Happy belated birthday :) In our throw-away society it's wonderful to hear of a couple so loyal and loving - that's a gift that you give both each other and the world.

  3. What a wonderful card and post, Sharyn. Happy Birthday. I love how you have described your husband, and what you had to say about the Court cards in general.


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