Monday, October 10, 2011

Death, But Not For You Wordslinger

Daily Draw: Llewellyn Tarot ~ Death

I wonder how many deaths we see or read in the course of a day? We watched Inkheart yesterday in which most of the characters died twice, once to the people they left behind and once again when turned to ash. On the other hand I read a short story by Stephen Donaldson last night in which two characters snatched their lives from the jaws of Death at the last instant, cheating the Temple and the cauldron of molten iron.

Death in the Llewellyn takes the form of Pwyll, who after a chance meeting with Death while hunting agrees to take his place for one year. The Welsh are complicated...and tough. I think I'll try to keep Death at arms length this week.

"Walter turned three cards; The Prisoner, The Lady of the Shadows, and Death, "but not for you, gunslinger". 
"Go then, there are other worlds than these." ~ Jake, Stephen King, The Gunslinger 1982


  1. I see the death card as a powerful ally. You have a big week coming up and the death card is helping you to clear your energy field of anything emotionally, mentally and physically interfering with your healing.

  2. I guess that is one way of looking at it :) I KNEW I'd get that card this is a beautiful card though. Thanks for stopping by, Sharyn

  3. I don't think the Welsh have anything on you my friend - you're one tough cookie. When I saw your draw for the day I thought of a major transformation. Most people who stare the big C in the face, kick it to curb, and continue you on their journey are quite changed in their outlook on life...

  4. I am reading The Dark Tower right now, magicians and glass is the part i am at now and it is such a great book, it kinda creeps under your skin, in a both good and quite horrible way. And just that quote by Jake has been playing in my dreams all this last weekend.
    Was even thinking how a Dark Tower Tarot would look like.


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