Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Do These Lips Make My Butt Look Smaller?

Daily Draw: Vampire Tarot ~ Death

We are living in cynically fascinating times. When children of 18-20 are already getting botox injections and implants. When beautiful adults of 30-35 are already getting stretched, pulled, pumped, re-haired, sanded, sucked and bleached into strangers. I find it deeply sad, but my inner imp also finds it far more entertaining than commercial entertainment.

I'm reminded by this card death comes to us all, but how we journey there speaks volumes about our values and inner character. I fear death not , I fear not knowing the real values of being alive.

"One popular new plastic surgery technique is called lip grafting, or 'fat recycling,' wherein fat cells are removed from one part of your body that is too large, such as your buttocks, and injected into your lips." ~ Dave Barry 1947-


  1. Snorting coffee and laughing out loud at just the title of your post this morning... :D

  2. "I fear death not..." but sometimes it keeps me awake at night! And from the picture on this 'Vampire Tarot' Death card, it looks as though even Death must succumb to his own demise. Do we have to have the inevitable always in the back of our minds? Yes, living every day to the fullest is a good mantra, but sometimes it feels real good just to sit and read a book. Hope you are feeling well, Sharyn.

  3. Heh heh heh. Good one.
    It seems whatever age we are, women anyway, we habitually find fault with our physical selves, not realizing how beautiful and perfect we were till we see old photographs 20 years later. And the "industry" takes full advantage of this tendency, in order to make a few bucks off us.

  4. Gone are the fantasy days of childhood, today we expect a more mature 6 year old. I'm happy I grew up when I did :)

  5. Hah! The quote is priceless!! You share my sentiments exactly. I mean, no writer could ever imagine a future world where one would extract fat from their a*se and inject it into their lips. Makes Brave New World look like a childten's story...


  6. It is so sad - there was a commercial on television last nite that said a woman in her 20's was already becoming a hag because of her skin losing elasticity.... Seriously??


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