Monday, November 21, 2011

Something To Fight For

Daily Draw: Mythic Astrology ~ Aries

I've often found sun signs a bit like tarot courts, one dimensional in order to have enough personalities to spread over all the signs. That said I admire Aries penchant to fight. If there isn't anyone to fight with they will make something up and fight with themselves.

I'm reminded by this card and my circumstances of all the people I've known over the course of my life who've had cancer and how they fought it. Take an aspirin and think about it some other time. Quality of life over second or third chemo. Trips to third world nations for miracle cures. Never mentioning it outside home. Bringing it up with everyone. Second and third opinions. Suicide. Continue their work routine until the day they died. Quit work and play for a couple of years. Hiding it from family. Most choose to pick up their crutch and walk so to speak, rather than lie there and get eaten alive. I think the key with Aries attitude is to have something to fight for, rather than someone to fight with.

"I quarrel not with far off foes." ~ Henry David Thoreau 1817-1862


  1. That's because it's all worth fighting for. Way to hang in....I can see where his card can look like 'end of days', and help prepare our way with anger, possession and rage. "Do not go gently in to that good night". Or perhaps it's passion.

  2. "[...] have something to fight for, rather than someone to fight with."
    Thanks for pointing out the distinction - I have confused the two in the past and hope I'll know better the next time...


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