Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Broken Hope, Dashed Dream

Daily Draw: Legend Arthurian Tarot ~ 3 of Swords

This is Palomides, grieving at his sanctuary for the lost hope of Queen Isolt's love and the lost friendship of Tristan. "I didn't mean it that way!" is probably what he is whispering over and over but done is done.

I'm reminded by this card that many times enormous changes come about in our lives that were started by the smallest of inadvertant actions. We can shout "I take it back!" all day long but done is done.

"In this world of change, nothing which comes stays, and nothing which goes is lost." ~ Anne Sophie Swechine 1782-1857


  1. Makes me think of the saying that started in the legal system: "You can't unring the bell."

  2. Thanks you. This card always throws me, but your idea of wishing for a do over that never comes is inspiring.

  3. The 3 of swords and the 8 of wands are the cards that separate the boys from the men so to speak. We can think, or we can fall back on keywords :)Image-wise they are the weakest cards in original Waite deck, I think they were both tired that day~
    Thanks for stopping by, Sharyn

  4. Lovely interpretation of this card - sometimes we are the cause of our own heart's sorrow.
    I hadn't seem images of this deck before and I like the Arthurian legends. I'll keep following to see how it reads.


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