Sunday, December 11, 2011

Renewal and Redemption

Daily Draw: Legend Arthurian Tarot ~ Ace of Wands

In Arthurian lore this is known as the Lance of Redemption. Trapped, Balin grabbed it and wounded the Fisher King in the thigh. From that moment the castle and it's lands lay in waste until the time of the completion of the grail quest.

This Ace requires me to admit to two things before I can go forward. Mentally my cancer is exhausting me. Physically in the active sense there is nothing wrong with me. I need both the renewal and redemption of this lance to get me moving again. Would that I can...

"I wanted to live, but whether I would or not was mystery, and in the midst of confronting that fact, even at that moment, I was beginning to sense that to stare into the heart of such a fearful mystery wasn't a bad thing." ~ Lance Armstrong 1971-

One of my favorite decks this week, Legend the Arthurian Tarot, art and 256 page A Keeper Of Words book by Anna-Marie Ferguson, published by Llewellyn Worldwide. My second edition was published 1998, Suits are titled Swords, Cups,  Spears are Wands, Shields are Coins.

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  1. (((Sharyn))) Can you mentally change directions for a while? Sit and "talk" with the girls, find a new (but not complex) project to work on, etc.?


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